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This is your first step in receiving a truly accurate assessment on the state of your health according to Chinese Medical Diagnostic Science. With today’s mainstream medicine focusing mainly on the symptoms of a particular disease rather on what’s causing the disease, its little wonder people are turning in their droves to the many alternative systems of medicine. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a collection of symptoms and signs are diagnosed together. The Chinese doctor would never put a label on or call an illness a “syndrome” that has a complicated name and becomes a thing that the patient is suffering from. Instead the TCM practitioner would always be mindful that the illness is a dynamic process, seeing it as a pattern of disharmony in the whole person and not just in one organ or system. By treating all the symptoms and signs and not just one, a more balanced natural healing effect is allowed to take place.

Presented here are important questions about your health minor things as well as major disharmonies are covered, small details that you may think are insignificant need to be answered. It’s this attention to detail and the differentiation of all symptoms and signs together into a pattern that sets a Chinese medical consultation apart from all the others.

This is your private consultation with a qualified Chinese Medical Practitioner.

There are no automated responses involved in this diagnosis. The results of your diagnosis are evaluated by a practitioner with many years of experience in both TCM diagnosis and treatments. Click here For more details and information on your Practitioner.

The result of this diagnosis can be used as a preliminary consultation and information evaluation of your health according to the principles of TCM. Your local practitioner will very much appreciate your interest if/when you proceed to avail of some herbal/acupuncture treatment according to the findings of this diagnosis. When you receive your results a clear and concise breakdown of your disharmonies will be presented to you. Various Chinese healing modalities will be recommended for your particular pattern of disharmony according to the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine. Please proceed, take your time to answer all the questions and enjoy the test.


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